Basic Tune-Up $75.00

Each basic tune includes:

Drivetrain adjustment

  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  • Front Derailleur Adjustment
  • Handlebar/Downtube Shifter Inspection
  • Lubricate all Derailleur Pivot Points
  • Check for Chainring, Cassette, and Chain Wear
  • Chain Cleaning and Re-Lube

Brake adjustment

  • Brake Pad and Rotor (where applicable) Wear Inspection
  • Brake Pad alignment
  • Lubricate Braking Pivot Points
  • Complimentary Bolt Torque Check
  • Including but not limited to: Chainring Bolts, Bottom Bracket Bolts, Headset Bolts, Shifter and Brake Handle Mounting Bolts, Derailleur Mounting Bolts, Caliper mounting bolts, Seatpost Clamp Bolts

Comprehensive Lube and Grease

  • Grease Including but not limited to: Headset, Quill Stem, Seatpost.
  • Lube Including but not limited to: Chain

Complimentary Tire Pressure Check

Basic Clean and Wax

Beach Cruiser? Road Bike? Mountain Bike? Full Suspension? Carbon Fiber? Vintage? Ebike or Electric Bike?

We are happy to service any bicycle make, model, or type! We offer over 30 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to bicycle service. We are happy to respond to any questions or inquiries! 

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