HATCH Profiles

Who: Marc Engelhardt, Oceanside Pastor

Bicycle: Orbea Oiz Cross Country Mountain Bike

Why Do You Ride: First, I ride to relax and to stay in shape. Also, bikes bring people from all walks of life together; it’s a great way to meet new friends.

How Long: 12 years

Where Do You Ride: Any place I can find dirt! I like to explore trails off the beaten path.

Favorite Adventure: On Christmas Eve I went riding with a group of friends in the pouring rain. We were riding trails from Google Earth in Vista, De Luz, Tenaja Truck Trail and Santa Rosa Place and it was foggy and muddy. We ran out of food, I came back in a lot of pain and that was my best adventure to date.

In Closing: I’ve moved around quite a bit and you can’t get to know a place as well as on a bike. Explore, learn and become quickly knowledgeable with your new environment riding a bicycle.

Josh Neimark